New firmware for 822A

i think that links is broken

but i manage to get it looks like it is a B3IC



It’s B3IC,

Still can be downloaded from here:

maybe it’s just me, but it looks like the dual layer firmware? it says dual on the webpage… can anyone confirm it?


i’ve just flashed my 800@822 with the B3IC firmware and i’ve burned a Prime Disc Ritek R03 media. I will upload a comparision with Nero CD-DVD speed between a R03 burned with B3EC and burned with B3IC in a few minutes…



PS: The burning looks better and the first scanned GB of the disc is very low in PI compared to B3EC.


i’ve finished my scan of a ritek r03 with firmware b3ic. But i’ve to say before that i’ve got a bad media (as you can see on the scan): I can see in the outer range of the die (after burning) straight lines from center to outside. I think this is the reason for ther very high PI in that area. Up to that point the average PI was about 10!!!



PS: Ritek G05 (DVD-R 8x) can now be burned with 8x. With EC/HC this was (at least with my burner) only possible with 4x.

Thanx for the link.
If you like to see an official source, take this:

(it’s actually the same link.)

You burned the same disc-type wih the same speed and the same burner, just different firmware??
I would say the burning result of the B3EC looks better than the B3IC, because with B3EC every part was under 280, while with B3IC it was NOT…


@KillMe: i’ve used the same disc (Prime Disc 8x DVD+R) from the same batch, burned them with nero cd-dvd speed (the max. speed reached you can see on the first pic).

I think that the high PI in the range from 3.6GB up to 4.37 GB is because of the defect on the media. I will try an other from the same batch to verify it but i’ve no luck with that batch 3 out of 20 showed that dark lines from the middle to the outside. One in the inner area, two on the outer area.



PS: What might be the reason for that “straight lines”? They look like drawn with a ruler. Manufacturing errors? Because “burn rings” are around the hole and not straight lines i think…

Thanx for your fast reply.
I have a newbie-question: Can you burn real data with nero-cd/dvd-speed or just test-data? I mean: Can you use the disc afterwards or is it useless, because there is only random testdata on it?

>“straight lines”? They look like drawn with a ruler. Manufacturing errors?

Looks very much like ‘Manufacturing errors’. Did you consider giving them back for a replace or moneyback… (also the burned ones)


nero burns just test data but the disc is “full to the limit”. I burn one disc of each batch with nero cd-dvd speed and scan it (in “earlier times” with kprobe and now with cdspeed). One disc out of 25/50 is not much and you know “a little” about the quality of the disc.



PS: One Ritek R03 is “just 1.15€” so it’s not much money. (Compared to the 15 € expected for the DVDd+R DL according to german c’t magazin (newsticker)).

PPS: Now i’ve burned the 3 disc and they all got that straight lines. I’ll send the whole patch back on friday. Only the first 2-3 of the batch where ok… :frowning: i’ll to a scan of the last media again but i think that the PI will be very high in the area with that straight lines. No firmware can handle this…

Some release info for B3IC,

Release Reasons:

  1. Improve the writing quality for E-top, Interaxia, BeAll, VIVA and UmeDisc 8x DVD+R media.
  2. Modify the writing strategy for TDK, CMC & Daxon 8x DVD-R media
  3. Solve the failure in making DVD-R (multi-border) by DVD copy itself/ on-the-fly copy function.

:iagree: :bigsmile:

and i found it did not screw up when using nForce driver during boot up

update: cannot use the nero disc quality scan if using nForce IDE driver :frowning:


Now also from

So, would you like to share some details how you did the upgrade to the B3IC on your 800@822! What is the best fw for the 800@822 by the way? I used the patcher by DMagic1 but I cannot apply that patcher to B3IC. And when I go with the B3IC right away,It works but I cannot go back to B3EC or B3HC, so just in case, there is no way back to 800 (B27 or B37)?

I can definitely confirm this problem as well. Will be nice if Nvidia ever get’s the IDE driver sorted out to work with the majority of ATAPI devices!

Edit- Just to clarify, using the M$ ITB IDE driver allows the Benq drive to perform the scan properly.