New firmware for 4816H and 48246K and HD166S



CO48KHOB and R48SKOA. Match more media.

and new firmware for HD166S.

#2 Windows 232KB 2003/05/05 Match More Media
But on


Yep, and they switched over to their new Windows flasher “XFLASH” by Karr. Smaller filesize = good!


yeah love the instaler :bigsmile:


i don’t like the fact that it forces u to reboot now. i used to just flash in windows and the drive would work without a reboot. i wasn’t expecting it to force me to reboot this time and it ruined my uptime. :frowning:


Open the flasher with a hex editor and change “REBOOT=1” to “REBOOT=0”

You should still restart though :wink: