New firmware for 451 causes too many errors

I have been using my 451 with the Lite-On GSB7 firmware OK, I have a picky Denon player so I cant have too many errors so I use Kprobe to check my DVD-Rs.
I updated the firmware to GSB9 and the errors went from an average of 20 to over 300, I burnt 4 DVDs and they were all bad, I tried to go back to the older firmware but it would not let me, I tried the _51@832S_VS0A but that was just as bad, I then tried the hacked GSB7 and everything is OK again.
It seems that Lite-On have made a cockup with this latest GSB9 firmware.

No, it’s a good firmware, IMHO. Based on US0N.

The problem is that in the many months between GSB7 and 9, a LOT of changes were made in how the drive writes. Overall, this results in a better drive. But in the cases of some media types, this reduces quality.

If you want to upgrade but don’t want to try the “new” firmwares, flash to 851S GS0F. That’s the last of the “old” firmwares. GS0F should be more like GSB7 than GSB9 or GS0K.


has any one figured out why the people like me and chevy get bad burns with the ‘new’ firmwares, i still get the best with the gsof firmware! its really frustrating and makes me want to buy a new drive!!!


LOL for one your using dvd-rs the Liteon isnt the top of the line in dealing with this format and what media are you using? good media makes all the difference especially with dvd-r compared to dvd+R. In other words what makes you think a new drive is going to do better?

I am using Zero Defex (Ritek G05 8 speed) and burning at 4 speed.
I have run some more tests today and I have found the best result for me is to use the _51S@832_VS0A firmware but because of the bad G05 write stratagy I have changed the Ritek G05 to use MXL RG03, this combination is giving me great results.

What other write stratagies are worth changing for other media, I like to use TDK, Maxell and Verbatim DVD-Rs?
There are several brands that use Ritek disks, are they all the same disk? if so should I try some of the cheapers ones?


Could you post results of changing to MXL RG03? I’d be interested in seeing them. :wink:

This was the result of using MXL RG03 in place of the G05.

Only problem was that my denon skipped 1/2 way through, I tried 3 disk and had simular results, I know my Denon is very fussy so I have gone back to the Lite-On GSB7 and the next 2 burns have been perfect.

I would like to get my 451 working as a 832 but I can’t quite get the results I need, if you think of anything else please let me know and I will try again

To solve the write strategy problem (mainly G05) with the newer firmware, would it be possible to copy the strategies from 1 version of the firmware into another, so that we could have the new firmware with all the old firmware write strategies, kind of the best of both worlds?


That is not possible.

huh i dont use dvd-rs, i only use +r’s (can only burn +rs at 8x), i use ritek, with great success on the OLD firmwares (gsof,gsoh,gsoh), new firmwares arn’t happening with my drive, i’ll do a test soon to prove it. One after the other!! media is not an issue


termialvcd has the same problems, i reckon its the aussie drives that sux!