New firmware for 4082b in the future?



I was wondering if there would be any new firmware for the GSA-4082B in the future. LG released a Firmware Update program, and it supports the GSA-4082B, so I was thinking maybe they might release more.


Its an old drive now i doubt that LG would release a new firmware unless the drive had problems writing to certain media but other than that i think LG is focusing on supporting its newer drives like LG 4163B.


Is there anyway to reverse the firmware, (go to an earlier one)? My drive (4082b) is very messed up (cannot write/read CDs and DVDs) and I was wondering if reversing (or updating) the firmware could possible fix it…


You could reflash with the latest firmware see if that helps, you can get the latest one for your drive here


I have the latest one (A208), and there are problems so I want to see if I can flash to an earlier one…


You will need to find an earlier firmware one on their site or can you not flash backwards with LG’s flasher.



You should be able to find what you need here: