New firmware for 32125w

Hi,i just bought thid drive it has wbs2 firmware on it.
I wondered if the new wbs4 firmware supports Mt.Rainier?
Does anybody have this info?
Thanx in advance from

ok,just for the record i tried it myself,it doesnt suppoer mt.Ranier.
Oh Bllcks.,never mind.

The latest firmware should support Mt Rainer, not sure. If it doesn’t, you could overclock it to 40x or 48x drive.

thanx for adive Neil.ill give it a go,but im a bit nervous because to overcloco from 32 speed to 48 speed is a big jump,a lot faster,i hope the drive can cope with the higher speeds properly.
i would overclock to 40 speed but thats z-calv.
P cav is the way to go nowadays i think.
Hey at least i have options,i should be gratefull.

It is all basically the same drive with different firmware. Should not be a problem for oc 32x to 48x drive.

Latest 32125W and 40125s/w firmware are P-CAV…