New firmware for 2500A?

Nice tread… hopefully a new firmware for the Nec 2500A…
A lot of disks cannot be written @ certified speeds…

Mitsui MAM-E 4x only at 2x speed
Commodore 4x only at 2x speed
SKS 8x only at 4x speed…

Maybe there is a reason for NEC implementing lower speeds for these media.
Maybe their quality is not good enough to allow higher burning speeds.

hmmm… I’ve been bunring them with a Sony @ 4 speed without one problem…

Stay away from MAM-E Media. I checked them with K-probe and they are made by Nashua

@Fanta: it could be that the Sony works better with the MAM-E than the NEC does. It could as well be that Sony thinks the results from a burn at 4x are good enough, while NEC may think that only results from 2x burns are acceptable.

MAM-E has discs that are made by Nashua, but also by lots of other brands. I’ve been using 4x DVD-R from MAM-E from a while (bought them @ CD Freaks shop) and they quite acceptable results, burned at 4x on my 1300a. I guess this just one of those brands that’ll never tell you what you’re getting… (unless you have a good writer or know for sure what you’re buying, better stay away from it).

Afaik Nashua doesn’t make their own dvd’s. DVD-R is made my MCI and the DVD+R are made by skymedia.
I myself would not want to increase the writespeed on the media you just mentioned. I’d rather wait 10 minutes longer with the knowledge you’ll have a well written dvd instead of a rushed job on 4 or 8 speed.

Mitsui (Code MCI4XG01 ) is among the 3 worst media types I’ve had - and that says a lot since I’ve written over 600 DVD discs from 30+ different manufacturers.

The other one sounds cheap and low quality as well…

Ritek r03 (SKS) will for sure be supported soon.