New Firmware For 1016IM ( A188 )

New Firmware For 1016IM “A188”, only via liveupdate

have u tried it out?

is it any better then the last one?

sometimes i have noticed newer firmware from btc can sometimes be worse then the one before it

I tried it and didn’t notice any differences. Supposedly the last charecter change indicates a performance fix. With no change log on their site anymore it is hard to tell what was fixed or ???

Hi ai am a n00b here at this site but I just wanted to say that I upgraded to the a188 firmware and this POS messed my drive up. I knew it was a gamble when I was updating the firmware on this drive but the last update i did really helped me out. I haven’t been able to burn a succesful dvd since the update.

waht was the last firm u used

i have a few fw to try with my btc but sometimes there newer stuff is worse then some older firms, werid like that, but i use quality media

i dont like the btc drive, so i am going sell it soon for super cheap, oh well, live and learn

:sad: I used Live update from
on my Emprex 1016M
I went from Ver. A082 to Ver. A188
now the green light stays on and the drive door will not open
and the bios doesn’t see the drive :Z

You should do a MtkFlash recovery. IIRC, the BTC website should be instructions and tools for this.

Or you can read more about MtkFlash here:

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This is a very strange issue :sad:
For me A188 firmware worked fine, I have just burned the first couple of Verbatim ( MKM001 ) DVD+R DL at 4x speed on BTC 1016IM… and without bit-setting or any other tricks… I can watch movie on stand alone:

Hiunday Divx player/recorder, Keymat Divx, Silvercrest Divx, Irradio Divx, United Divx, HYD Divx, Amstrad Divx, portable 9 inches TFT Divx player… all mediatek 1389 based.
And also on old Panasonic RV32… and on newer Sunplus 8281 based player :confused:

A188 is also available on the Emprex site now.

A188 working fine on my external 1016IU. Have only had my unit a week and I updated right away. No coasters yet. Have used TDK +Rs and Maxell and Fuji +RWs. Boy, this unit is really quiet.

I have A188 on my I/O Magic rebadged 1016IM, and it seems to be working fine so far.

However, I noticed that this morning LiveUpdate again showed A089 and the latest firmware available for download. Has A188 been pulled from their servers or is something wrong with LiveUpdate?

No, everything is fine. A089 is newer than A188. The primary version is specified in the final two digits, so this is going from revision 1 of the 88-series to revsion 0 of the 89-series.

Thanks. I saw that the “upgrade drive” box was greyed out and incorrectly assumed that the change from a1xx to a0xx was a step backwards.

Any idea if there is any advantage to upgrading it? I’m on my 3rd iteration of this burner, having RMA’d the previous 2. The LiveUpdate website does not have a current media compatiblity list and I would like to know if my media is compatible or not.

ring a round the firmwares

they need to figure it out or ELSE!!! lol

i think there finding out some drives dont like some firware and there the same models lol

Hi I Know this a kind of late update, After my bad encounter with A188 firmware I decided to open up my drive and try to fix my problem my self. I was also getting a POWER CALIBRATION error so I got tired of this problem and opened up my drive and and cleaned the lens with a Q-tip and some alchohol. I also added some lube to the rails of the laser. reinstalled my drive and attempted to burn a cd and a DVD and both were successful. I havent had a problem since and I even like this firmware better than the other. I read this somewhere on a forum but I just can’t seem to remember where so If you are the person who suggested this Techniqe I just want to say thanx. On a side note i just want to say I wasted about 20 to 30 Dvd before I actulally fixed it.

so which one is better 188 or 089?

How does liveupdate recognize my firmware version? In registry somewhere?

Can I downgrade it somehow?

Hello and Welcome to CDF

Liveupdate takes the information directly from the drive :wink:

Can I downgrade it somehow?

It’s possible by flashing under Windows via Winflash (without Liveupdate), but usually there is no need to go back to a previous version.