New Firmware CRW-F1E '1.0c'

great job man :bigsmile: THX!

any changelog available? :confused:

[ul][li]Added support for following CD-R discs for 44x writing.
[/li]NANYA (48x), Daxon (40x), Prodisc (48x)
[li]Improved writing quality of CD-R discs by refined running optimum power control.
[/li][li]Fixed problem with DiscT@2 where error message comes up if you try to burn images/graphics to the outer edge of a disc.
[/li][*]Fixed problem where the drive icon of CRW-F1 disappears if you load/eject a CD repeatedly.[/ul]Thanks for the info!

ah… and the drive is now able to recognize Ritek 99Min CDs… :bow:

I changed the settings from UDMA to PIO but when I run the patch, it tells me to eject the disk even though there is no disk in the drive. It refuses to go any farther and stops the installation at that point.

Anybody have any ideas about how to get the upgrade to install using XP?

i´m useing xp… and had no problems to do the update…

hmmz… >>I changed the settings from UDMA to PIO<<
in Windows XP or in your bios?

But it didn’t allow me to install the update. The flash program continued to tell me to eject the disk even with the tray open and no disk in it.

it worked fine for me =(

for me too… but its a known problem… I read in different boards about this… they took the burner in another computer… and it worked fine there… so its maybe a problem with bustermaster driver or something like this… :wink: or with the flashtool in general.

I’ll pop it out and take it to work and try it there. I have a different motherboard at work. I also dual boot with W98 and WinXP so I can try twice if necessary.

I dual boot with W98 and WinXP at work. First I tried to flash with XP. Same error I got at home; it kept telling me to eject the disk even though there was no disk in it. So I rebooted into W98. This time the update worked fine. No errors, no problems. Now I’ll take it home and use it at home.

I’m just a little disappointed in Yamaha. I’ve never had this kind of problem with other brands of burners on the same computer. My last burner was a TEAC. Before that I had a Plextor. Before that another Yamaha. I’ve flashed the bios on all of them without any problems until this F1 update.


wow i dont understand… i put my f1 in a external USB 2.0 case and did the flash that was made for IDE and it flashed great… not sure why you guys are having issues

Had the same problem and asked Yamaha Japan about it. Seems that if you have an UDMA pci-card installed (even if the the drive is not connected to it) or you use Intel UDMA-accelator, this problem occurs. They told me to disable both and the flash should work fine. Didn’t try it, however. Just installed my Yamaha in another system (XP) with none of the above and flashed it without a problem. I put the drive back to my system and all was well.

I have a Maxtor 160gb hd with an Ultra DMA card. I also use Intel’s Application Accelerator.

That also explains my results when I took the drive to work. I dual boot. It wouldn’t run in XP because I use Intel’s Application Accelerator but it worked fine when I booted up in W98 w/o having the Intel Application Accelerator installed. Why not in W98? I only have W98 installed because I have an old Kodak digital camera and Kodak decided not to provide drivers for W2000 or XP and so I need W98 in order to download photos from the camera.

So now I know why I couldn’t flash my F1 at home.

Did anyone test the rip possibility of protected audio cd with this new firmware?

Is it possible to upgrade an yamaha: CRW2100SZ 40X 16X 10X Internal Ultra SCSI
to for example an yamaha 20x?
anyone that knows?