New firmware changelog

Can someone with knowledge of japanese please kindly translate this for me
( NOT using a translator!! )


Edit: if you can get characters displayed correctly go to this page and look for the changelog there





I don’t think that greek people were addressed in the first line! :wink:

If you have the proper fonts installed in your system, you can tell what characters are Chinese and what are pure (?) Japanese. One doesn’t need to know Japanese to read those lines though having proper knowledge of Japanese can lead to a lot more additional good things. :slight_smile:

  • Single Layer or Dual Layer DVD-Video problem improved

  • DVD+RW 8x and DVD-RW 6x write strategy improved

  • DVD+R and DVD-R write performance improved

  • DVD+RW and DVD-RW write performance improved

  • 一部: One ? (Side?)

  • 2層: Two Floor (Dual Layer)

  • 問題: Problem or Trouble or Question (as in exam or quiz)

  • 改善: Fix or Enhancement

  • 倍速: Multiplication + Speed (like in 4x and 8x)

  • 記録: Write or Record or Dictate

  • 性能: Performance

  • 向上: Move Upload (meaning improvement)

It seems the page now requires a serial number for downloading the file?

Can anyone download the file?

Correct me if i’m wrong but this firmware refers to a 4120…or not?

so…8x +RW and 6x -RW ???

A big improvement for that burner…


I’m not sure. I have to download the files to extract the contents. Or find out what the models are for. :slight_smile:

DVR-ABH12W it is.

It’s GSA-4120B.

Those for DVD+RW 8x and DVD-RW 6x probably mean write support at lower speeds (up to 4x.)

File name: dvrh12w_f101.exe

OK. Here it is.

It’s 1.15 according to Diseree.

2621.Sry, nobody will help you.
名前:Diseree 日付:1月14日(金) 21時10分
dvrh12w_f101.exe is A115. RPC1/Auto-reset edition of A115 is already available at Dangerous Brother’s site.

Buffalo 1.15 release HTML (extracted from the exe file.)