New Firmware BSQB for DW1640 released



Improve the quality of DL


i have already requested a rpc1 version:

flashed successfully, but i don’t have any media here to test it…


Damn you beat me to it chok0… good job! :slight_smile:


I suppose we will also get a new 1650/1655 FW in the next hours???


This certainly is in everybody’s head :wink:


Still has the sharp read speed drops. I guess we’re stuck with those in perpetuity. We should know about writing quality in short order…


I hope so. BCHC sux and BCFC and BCDC are
not much better, so until that changes
I’ve been burning with my 1640 and using
the 1650 for ripping.


I don’t use my 1650 at all!!! My Philips 1648 is just perfect, and my old 1620 just does what I need when it comes to ripping!!!
Lets hope this firmware is not the last one!!! It is time Benq starts treating those two drives just like they did with the 1620.


flashed back to BSLB. BSQB produced unreadable mcc002 @8x & 12x where BSLB can burn them @12x with nice quality. infome r30 @16x produced pif spikes >40 and the pi total count was at nearly one million. i also dislike the speed drop when scanning. only good point is low jitter, got 8% with optodisc or8 @8x
BSMB is a bit faster, resulting in slightly higher pif total than BSLB. don’t have any more discs, but this is enough for me to stick to BSLB.

also i wouldn’t count on new 1650/55 releases.


WoW, thats pretty fast. Not long ago they released BSPB and only 2 weeks later the BSQB released. No wonder BenQ 1640 owners give much love to the BenQ 1640. Thanks OP for revitalizing BenQ 1640


Hi :slight_smile:
Should you? Shouldn’t you? Unless your going to or already use DL only, the answer is probably not. I have tested this f/w with MCC 03RG20/MCC 004 YUDEN000 T03/ TG03. All have been mixed responses so I’m already back with BSPB/BSOB/BEGB. Probably go back for a more thorough test at the w/e.


Thanks Zebadee, you just saved me a lot of testing. Although I never use DL media, I am still with BEFB, BSLB, and BEGB on my crossflashed Sony 810UL external (firewire) which I really love, its the best of my external drives.


I had the same experience, only not really mixed.
I use Verbatim MCC 004 and MCC 003 as well as
Ricohjpn R01@R02 and had lousy results with all. :Z
I’m now happily back with BSLB in my 1640.


Thanks guys for sharing !
OMG ! Strange are the ways of the new lords at Benq’s !


RPC1 is available from TDB …in just one day.


Good thing I haven’t flashed my drive yet. I am kinda surprised that this version released so soon. since this version of FW has issues, then I am pretty sure the newer version is around the corner to address these issues. So I am gonna sit back and wait since my drive still burn perfectly with all the media I have.


Verbatim MCC 003 @8x
SB - off/on WOPC - on OS - off


hmm, Newfish you are just proving all drives are not identical!!! Your drive seems to love this FW!!!
Too bad you have not used the solidburn function, just to see how it handles it.


MCC003 from a excellent batch (Last One)
SB on/on
Write Speed - 8X - First write


MCC004 from an average batch
SB on/on
Write Speed - 12X - First write