New Firmware BenQ DW1655 BCHB support and discussion thread



BenQ DW1655 BCHB:

Release Reason (5/2/2006):

  • Update Writing Strategy


Hehe I didn’t even get a chance to fill up my learned media from the last update. Thanks BenQ.


MKM 001 is still at 2.4x only.

Is BenQ being

[B]1[/B] oblivious,
[B]2[/B] bullheaded?

Place your bets, please.


Is that with OS enabled? They’re not going to overclock any media without OS turned on, are they?


Yes, OverSpeed does not affect DL media.


Thanks zevia. I didn’t realise that. :slight_smile:


With or without OverSpeed.

I can imagine the absence of OverSpeed implementation for DL media [together with MKM 003 and RITEK D03 availability] as the internally accepted excuse at BenQ. Technically, they have delivered on the promise of 8x DL burning, just not for 95% of the DL media out there.

From a user’s point of view, it’s a giant, inexplicable step back from DW1640.

Especially ugly since we know DW1655 can do it.


I take it you swapped write strategies with MKM003? Excellent result, no less.


Yes, thanks to ala42 and MCSE!

I’ve since moderated my stance and now stick to 4x burning of MKM 001, but with a good pack 8x is no sweat for DW1655.


Thanks zevia for the update I was wondering is MCSE! being updated to include support for this new version of BenQ 1655 firmware?.


agent I just notice your last post talking about MCSE! is it already include the new BCHB version?.

Edit: Obviously not because the last response on MCSE! thread is belong to one week ago.


since you have various burners, i am wondering what you are using for dl medias.

from my limited experience with 1655 (still owns it), dl burning was not its best ability; my old 716a did better & for ritek d01, old nec 3500a did even far better job. i think single layer is what 1655/1650’s strength not rw or dl burings…at least from my experience.


I believe ala42 likes to work on MCSE on weekends, but given that this release happened on Monday, I’m sure he’ll be inundated with requests and release an update sooner. :slight_smile:


That would be great since one the best advantage of having MCSE! embadded in BCHB is to increase the reading speed (15.5X).


I stick with MKM 001s, mostly because they are easy to find for about $2 a disc and the rest of DL media is either less available or simply not worth buying at their current prices.

I did look at how different burners perform with DL media from the same 10- and 20-packs and there aren’t many differences. Pioneer 109/110, Plextor 716, LG 4163, BenQ 1640/1655, Sony 820A, and Lite-On 165P6S all do about equally well at 4x, 6x, and sometimes 8x, depending on the pack. There is quite a bit of quality variation between individual packs of MKM 001 obtained from different sources.

DW1655 doesn’t strike me as inferior to any other drive I have in DL burning.


agent what is your experieces with burning DL with 1655 do you get any coaster regardless of media brand?.


No coasters.

Some ugly scans from RITEK D01s, but very nicely readable at full speed, as shown here:

It’s a paradox. A horrible scan with PIFs reaching 40s, yet displaying a full-speed transfer curve. Makes me mistrust DW1655’s scanning capability.


The high reported errors could be influenced some by the jitter level (12%+ jitter and Benqs report abnormally high errors). In a drive more tolerant of high jitter such as a Liteon, you would probably not have seen errors that high. Under ‘normal’ jitter levels, Benqs make fine testing drives, over 12% jitter and reported error levels are not trustworthy.


Thanks agent I am also prefer to use NEC 4551 or better BenQ 1640 for DL job even though I have not had reasonable experiences with using 1655 for DL burning.


The 12% rule doesn’t always apply. Besides, I can’t say that I trust jitter measurement any more than PIF counting.

Here’s a disc with average jitter of 13.2%, reaching 16.5%, yet reasonable PIF counts, to illustrate my point.