New Firmware BenQ DW1650 BCHC support and discussion thread

BenQ DW1650 BCHC:

Release Reason (5/2/2006):

  • Update Writing Strategy

Thanks to Diseree who posted in the Announcement thread here.

Do the people at BenQ ever sleep? LOL! :bigsmile:

Time for some test burns me thinks. :iagree:

I want to try this, but also don’t want to lose my saved write strategies :frowning:

Anything new concerning the scan speed dips ?

RICOHJPNR02 @ 12x, OS: On

Burn time just keeps getting slower with each firmware release. I’m sure the next one will be slightly faster but I’m picking close to 7:00.

Looks like no change there and yes it clears the SB data. :frowning:

RICOHJPNR02 @ 12x, OS: On

:eek: Not good compared to the first burn of this media with BCFC.

Flashing will wipe the learned media and if OS: ON then SB is enabled thus it will add few seconds to learn the media again. :wink:

If the media is learned or SB is OFF, 12x should be around 6:20-6:30 mins (WOPC On).

I think I’ll hold back for a little while until I start with a new batch of media, at that point an SB reset would be a good idea anyway. For now, my saved SB will probably do me more good than a new f/w, especially that I will have to live with the speed dips anyway. :frowning:

Thanx for the info :slight_smile:

Not with this firmware in my drive. Second burn. :confused:

But the quality of the second burn is much better.

Does MediaCodeSpeedEdit work on this new firmware

Nice burn, C0deKing. Maybe burn #3 will be less than 7 minutes. :slight_smile: You can try to disable WOPC if you want to go faster.

What The… I’ll post this one here as well to see if others are having the same result

SONYD21 @ 16x, SB: Off

What’s with the slow down at 3.8GB???

hmm this firmware breaks mediacodeedit. The strategies dont even show up

We need to wait until ala42 updates MCSE. :wink:

[I]off topic.[/I]

Come on… :wink:
This new firmwares have been posted just hours ago. You’ll have to give ala42 some time to implement support, (it’s still early morning here in Europe).

[I]Edit[/I], zevia beat me to the minute. :bigsmile:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before. Maybe this is caused by the new “writing strategy” as per Release Reason? :confused: Either that or just a coincident with that particular disc.

I’ve never seen any DW16xx drive switch to 12x CLV like this.

Looks like Plextor’s thermistor-induced slowdown, but that’s only a [very] wild guess.

I didnt mean any disrespect!

I thought mediacodespeededit required no additional coding to support any new firmware since the firmware is similar across all versions for each burner.

I was rather surprised

Hmm, Benq joins with Liteon, Liteon develops equivalent features to WOPC and SolidBurn (and Overspeed), latest Liteon firmwares have some slowdown issues to 6x, Benq’s latest firmware slows down to 12x…

Conspiracy Theorists… GO! :stuck_out_tongue: