New Firmware BenQ DW1640 BSPB support and discussion thread

BenQ DW1640 BSPB:

Release Reason (5/2/2006):

  • Update Writing Strategy

Thanks to Diseree who posted in the Firmware Announcement thread here.

And I was just starting to think that BenQ had forgotten about us 1640 users…

I didn’t think we’d see another FW update for the 1640. Thanks Benq :smiley:

Nice. Time to flash!

Woohoo ! :wink:
I’ll be sure to flash as soon as I get back from school!

At least!!!

Glad to see BenQ still thinks of us!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Verbatim DVD+R 8x, MCC 003-000, CakeBox10, MIT @8x
SB - on/on, WOPC - on, OverSpeed - off
1pic - scan at 6xCLV and 8x
2pic - create disc and Transfer rate test

[I]Thanks zevia for link.[/I] :wink:

Burned away a RICOHJPN-R01 with R02 write strategy to test the new firmware… :bigsmile:
Burn speed 8x with SB=on and WOPC=on. Drive noted this as a learning burn (see pic).

My 1640 is right now in enclosure with Ali chipset that doesn’t support Q-scanning, thus I’m using my BenQ1620.

Good burn although the (DataWrite) media isn’t at its best.

RPC1 , when ? :slight_smile:

Do someone have a taiyo 16x to test with latest firmware?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Still 1640 doesn’t like -R.

MCC 004 (CMC serial) burned 12X SB off WOPC on in 7mn 04
A little slower than BSLB which would have done it in 6mn 40. PIE are lower and jitter still good.
I would say that it’s slightly better.
edit : Strange speed curve as I had nothing running in the background except antivirus. No dips though.

Between the bizarre looking data transfer line of the create data disc and the horrible burn quality, I would dare say something isn’t right. I would personally reflash.

P.S. - I just saw in the create data disc test that it shows your drive as having ‘VBSPB’ instead of BSPB, what the heck. All the more reason I’d reflash the drive, something doesn’t seem right.

Really? :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay, I have to agree this might have been true on some firmware revisions in the past, but for (almost) every new firmware I’ve noticed an improvement on dash media.

When on BSLB or BSOB I never managed to go sub 200k PIE and 1k PIF’s. With this release I can see a clear improvement. :slight_smile:

[B]MCC-03RG20[/B] (Verbatim branded) at [B]16x[/B] with SB and WOPC on. Burned an old image, (7MB less then full disc). Burntime 10-15 seconds slower then BSLB, but much better quality!

Note also only one “slow-down” when scanning (I can live with that).
Well done BenQ. :clap:

So far so good here.

Maxell branded RICOHJPN R01.
Burn Speed: 8x
SolidBurn: On
Overspeed: On

Also excellent jitter for a 16x burn, pinto2.

Hi [B]pinto2[/B] :slight_smile:

Are these verbatim media made in India?

No, made in Taiwan. :wink:
Reorder #43522.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I must do some tests with my made in India verbatim :iagree: