It’s here:

Note: It improves Lightscribe burning.

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Not faster but from a subjective opinion the quality seems to have improved for the LS image on DVD’s.

I did a test disc it took about 30 mins at best quality and it looks to my eye at least a bit better than previous discs though the ones I have were done with 2 passes and I wasn’t happy with the end result but I’m almost pleased with this one pass result.

I will try another disc with different type of graphics to see if it holds up…

Still no 12x burn speed on any media… :confused:

Popular media like YUDEN000-T02, RICOHJPN-R02, SONY-D11, ProdiscF01… will burn at 8x max. :Z

Not to mention 30 minutes to “burn” LS…

thanks for the heads up!


Stock .CVT

RPC1 Patched Windows Flasher

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So what is the verdict on this one?

must you make it sound like its a judgement for every new firmware… to be decided here in the BenQ courts… :D:D…

I just got this drive and I was not impressed with the quality of the lightscribe images it creates. After seeing examples of other lightscribe discs on HP’s site, I was expecting a much greater contrast on the images…solid blacks and shiny golds. Instead they are coming out looking really faded even on Best quality with 2 runthroughs.

Can anyone else confirm that this latest firmware upgrade significantly enhances the quality of the lightscribe burns?

Are there any other tricks to getting a good lightscribe burn? Thanks.

The quality of the LS images is different for DVD’s compared to CD’s because of an extra layer on the DVD surface which is what causes the blurry/faded look. Their is little that can be done according to Verbatim/HP who make the discs but at least to my eyes the quality did improve a small bit for DVD LS images with the new firmware so they must have done something to try and address the issue.