New firmware = bad firmware?

There seems to be much debate over the relative merits of firmware versions for DVD burners. I have a Liteon 811s, and no one can seem to come to any consensus as to which is the best firmware to have.

Wouldn’t the most recent firmware version be the best? It seems to me that the only reason to develop a new version would be to add to or enhance a previous version.

I guess my question arises out of the fact that I have had a rash of bad burns recently, and in trying to locate the source of the problem, I have adjusted firmware types on my drive. I’m trying to find a good media/firmware combo that works well; like I said, I would have thought that the latest firmware would be the greatest.

As an example, some forum members post messages about how some older firmwares handled dvd-r well, but now the current version does not. Maybe I am misunderstanding the function of the firmware, but it doesn’t make sense that a newer firmware would actually DECREASE the performance of the drive under certain circumstances. I could see how an update might not have all the bugs worked out in handling a newer type of media. Certainly, firmware developers wouldn’t “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to handling well-established media types? Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Your best bet is to go and nose around in the LiteOn forum, if i was you i’d update to the latest (final) 811S FW and then reset the EEPROM (instructions can be found in the LiteOn forum. Stick with good quality +R dont even bother with -R in that thing.

Firmware changes are made as market changes occur with media types , and for bug fixes/repairs. While firmwares can make some differences on certain media types with burn quality, I would more than likely believe that either the media that you have been buying could be of lesser quality now, or your laser could be getting weak, if you have a lot of miles on your drive, or your drive could just be dirty… There are numerous factors, and the only way to find out what is going on, is to start addressing them one at a time. First try a good high quality media, and see if you still have the problem with burn quality, then try using a drive/laser cleaner solution (DO NOT OPEN YOUR DRIVE), and then read in this forum under Lite-on drives with your media type and firmware, and see if others are having the same kinds of problems. There is no one good answer, as there are many variables…

Well, for starters… what media are you using???
Try picking up some quality media, flash the drive back to the latest manufacturer’s firmware and then check the burn quality.

i had a 811s for 18 months and found the best firmware was the codeguys HSOK & HSOP with added media tweeks.

Hello everyone- thanks for your quick replies!

The media I am using is pretty questionable. I have been switching between some Dupsonic +r (Optodisc OR8), Fuji +r (TY02), “High Quality” Japanese 2x -r from (Sony) and Khypermedia -r (CMC).

The best results I have been getting have been with the KHypermedia! Even at 2x, the Japanese Sonys regularly produce coasters; the Fuji/TY are OK, but KProbe scans still show high error counts; the Optodisc/Dupsonic are VERY inconsistent- 50% coaster rate when burned at 8x.

I thought that by going with the TY that error county would be low, but I really am beginning to wonder if they are really all they’re cracked up to be. The fact that the lowly CMC 4x -r (especially on the 811s!) are the best of the bunch is pretty maddening when trying to make sense of all this burning stuff. So many variables in all of this!- firmware, media brand, media type, burner brand, burning speed. Now EEPROM ?!? :confused: Obsessive types like myself shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near shiny 21st century trinkets like this! :eek:

its very common for the 811s to produce high pie/pifs when scanning yudenT02s @4x,mine did so i scanned some of my T02`s on a freinds 812s @4x and they were fine, if i scanned the same disc in my 811s @1x and the scans were simular.


Have a good read :wink:

i had a 811s for 18 months

You have my condolences ako :slight_smile:


yep not the best burner in the world but i learned a hell of a lot about the ins & outs of dvd burning in my efforts to get good results, which i could get with ricohjpnr01s. just as well it died as r01s are getting harder to get.