New Firmware available - Not sure how to post



There’s new Firmware available for GSA-4163B but I’m not sure how to post on this website. Maybe someone can take care of it?



We are sorry that this page is not availible right now.
Please notify this situation to your subsidiary contact-point or
GCSC Master with the name of the error page.
Please capture and send us the error page if it is possible.
Thank You!



I don’t see any new firmware. It’s showing A106 as the latest & that’s been available for months.


I think CDFreaks is showing A105 as the latest.


Yes it is but it’s never been corrected.I’ve had my A106 for about 3 months now.

I got all excited for nothing. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using CDFreaks as my firmware guide. I checked LG today and noticed it there.


Following some of the LG threads is often a better way of keeping up.

Anyway thanks for the post.


Actually, acommuter has a point : this is a release of A106 on LG’s official firmware pages.
Up till now it’s only been available through LG’s auto update tool. Perhaps that is why CDFreak’s firmware section has not been updated yet - they probably thought it was some unofficial version because it wasn’t on LG’s service websites yet.

Note that for some odd reason, it seems only the Canadian LG service website has links to A106 now. The others don’t seem to have it yet.

TimC is right that our forums are always the most up to date with firmware releases. We tend to go a little crazy each time a new firmware version is released, so somebody here will start a thread about it. It is a little inconvenient to check for the latest release that way though.

Anyway, to tell CDFreaks’ firmware team about the new release, here are instructions :

If you have any questions or any new updates you can mail to our firmware team at Please use our Firmware Forum when you have questions related to upgrading the firmware of your drive or when you have other firmware related questions.

When submitting a new firmware version, please note that it’s useless to send us the complete files! We cannot and will not host them and will only link to new firmware versions on the website of the drive’s manufacturer.


Well, not really. In this post dated January 8, 2006 there is a (still) working link. :wink: