New firmware and no more region free - please help! (+ advice purchase)



Hello! I’ve got a Lite-on LH-18A1P that started to burn coasters so I thought I should try a firmware update before replacing it. I went from the original GL03 to the latest GL0J and… the drive is not region free anymore. OK, I run the LntRPC, clicked disable and it appeared to do something, only that if I query I get the same message as before:
Type Code : Drive region is set

of Vendor Resets Available : 4

of User Controlled Changes Available : 4

Drive DVD region : 1
Also Region Killer sees that it is not region free.

Yes, it was region free before. Any idea what to do?

…And if I end up replacing it, what Lite-On would you choose?

  • LN_LNIHAS124-19 or similar
  • LH-20A1S-11C (for a good price!) or similar
  • DH-20A4P
  • LNIHAS524-32
  • another LH18A1P (not sure it is really available)
  • anything else? (sorry, there are so many of them and it’s really confusing for me)
    I don’t care much if it is SATA or IDE, I don’t care for ultimate speed, I just want it to be a reliable reader (I’d like it to read scratched discs pretty well) and writer that won’t die too soon. I usually write at 8x, but I hate coasters!



I’ll be leaving town tonight for a few days and I might not have access to internet, but please post your advices.


Someone can correct me on this but the drive region was not yet set before the firmware update.That is not the same as region free.
If you had backed up the original you could have used the backup to return to region not set.If you didn’t then you are probably out of luck.


In LtnRPC, click ‘Disable’ to make the drive RPC1.

As [B]cholla[/B] said, the drive would’ve been sold as RPC2, but without the region being set. However, you can return the drive to its initial setting [RPC2, Region Not Set] using the ‘Clear All’ function of Settings Utility [pinned at the top].