New Firmware and 16x max

Hello, to all,

Flashed the new firmware for 52 speed Lite-On.
And now all of a sudden I can only write at 16x
All settings are ok, dma on, re-installed CloneCD, did Calibration, using 48x speed media, setting to write 48x speed.
Re-booted system and all ok, but can’t solve this !
Please HELP !


perhaps smartburn is kicking in.
did you try to check your media with the smartburn tool? OR disable smart burn??

I have the exact same problem since 6S0F: Nero sees my Lite-On LTR-52246S as a 16x max capable drive.

Update: it must be the Smart-Burn as it’s now shown as a 52x capable drive with-out any CD inserted…

Update2: the CDs I have that used to be recognized as 48x media are now recognized only as 16x :frowning:

try different media that’s smart-burn certified at higher speeds. fuji/TY is the typical recommendation.

Hello to all,

Yes it’s the smartburn that causes this.
See at Lite-On website behind the firmware update.
One question: How do I disable Smartburn ?


some software have option to disable this…

what software do you use??..sorry…you use clone-cd

i dont have it installed right now…so i don’t know if it can be dis-abled

(it can be done in cd-mate)

can’t find it

Again Hello to all,

Tnx for fast reply’s.
Ok, I want to go back to 60D firmware.
Found it on internet, but it refuses to flash.
Can anybody tell me how to pur the old 60D firmware back into the writer ?
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have a look here

Originally posted by Lenco

Yes it’s the smartburn that causes this.

One question: How do I disable Smartburn ?

  1. If you’re certain on this, here’s the path :

Nero > Recorder > Choose Recorder > LiteOn > Option > Uncheck ‘Smart-Burn enabled’.

  1. In case if you just want to take your drive back to status quo, here’s the [COLOR=purple]6S0D.exe
    < downoad and unzip it to a folder.

Get MtkWinFlash here > and then just follow the procedure of flashing as shown there.[/COLOR]

You can still get 6S0D here:

Lite-ON usually keeps the current version and the one before it on their server.

Hello all,

Thx, BoSkin for the files.
Got the drive back to 60D and working like a charm again.
Big tnx all for the help !
Best regards,


Originally posted by Lenco

Got the drive back to 60D and working like a charm again.

Nice to know that !

Cheers ! :smiley: