New firmware A302 LG4160B

Improvement Point:
-. Addition of DVD±R 8X codes.
-. Addition of DVD+R 16X codes of Sony, TDK and Philips.
-. Improvement of DVD±RW rewriting ability.

no mention of bitsetting??

Ack, I just updated to 301 yesterday!

Still waiting on full support of Memorex (Infodisc) CD-RW 16-24x Ultra-Speed as they only write at 16x now.

When I updated FW last time and rebooted the drive had a yellow exclamation in Device Manager. I don’t know if I just didn’t wait long enough but I uninstalled it then rebooted and then was prompted to reboot yet again after it was detected. Perhaps I could have scanned for changes but I am going to try a different procedure this time: flash, uninstall from device manager, reboot.

You don’t just have to reboot it, you gotta shut down the pc COMPLETLY and then power it back on.


Powering off cannot hurt but LG instructs to reboot and even their DriveUpdater’s button changes function from “Update” to “Reboot”. It works fine, I just did not wait long enough for Windows to detect “new hardware” last time. I suppose there is no way around having to boot twice.

sadly, dvdinfopro detects it as unable to supp booktype

I’m guessing that the only reason LG ever released a bitsetting firmware for the 4120, was the fact that Kenny Shin leaked the ‘for internal test only’ N0AD firmware which had bitsetting. Since so many people were using this unofficial firmware, they released a public version. Before this they seemed to have a no bitset policy as none of their previous drives had the capability enabled.

If this is a correct guess, then we can assume that there will be no bitsetting for the 4160 as LG hasn’t been forced to by a leak of “not for public consumption” bitset firmware.


If you’re right about Kenny Shins leaked 4120 noad firmware with bitsetting then it seems he also has a patched 4160 firmware (a302). There are some posts where this firmware can do bitsetting, e.g.
I don’t think LG will publish firmware for 4160 with bitsetting.
Maybe we should ask Kenny for a patch.


Hm. I found this post through Google. :sad: (Though I read this thread before.)

A302 firmware applied to GSA-4120B supports bitsetting because GSA-4120B supports bitsetting. Something is wrong with GSA-4160B design regarding bitsetting.

GSA-4120B with N0AD, A104, A110, A111, A112, A115 = Yes
GSA-4120B with A302, A301, A300 firmware for GSA-4120B = Yes (I tested only A302 though.)
GSA-4160B with A302, A301, A300 = No
GSA-4163B = Yes with every known firmware

this firmware work in LG gwa-4161B

Hm. With an unmodified A302?

where i found the new firmware to gwa-4161B


is this for real?

where can I find it and does it really work on a 4161b.

A 4160 firmware can not work on a 4161 drive, they have completly different chipsets.