New firmware 1.12 for PX-708A



Since every drive seems to be getting an update recently, why not also the 708a:


thanks. :slight_smile:



Cool! Well, lets see if they make it up to FW 1.20 with the 708 :smiley:


thanks hwp!


Thanks, hwp.
No support for newer media…:disagree:


Thanks, I already installed it.


Is there a rpc-1 1.12 firmware for this drive?


Not yet. Hope there will be one in a few weeks. :clap:


Amazing! Recently new f/w for the Premium and now 708. Maybe I shouldn’t have retired my UltraPlex so soon :smiley:


I have an UltraPlex 32x where the firmware is stored on an exchangeable ROM chip. It is of an era where new firmwares were something sent with “Royal Mail”.


Or you used to own an UV lamp and eprom burner :slight_smile:

OT: Anyone else here flashed their own Eproms for ZyXEL 1496E+? 19.2 kbps, now THAT was fast :bigsmile:


For all the lemmings that insist they have to be first off the cliff…

Brother Vlad


Thanks a lot! Will try it next week! :iagree:


Hi: I would like to know if someone notice the new firmware 1.12 in the USA site from June 9. I’ve installed the old 1.12 (from the month of May, I guess) and it perfom badly. I couldn’t burn the media that was use to burn with 1.11, so, I flash again to 1.11 (RPC1 thanks to TDB).


I have had no problems with 1.12 so far. If any show up I will report it. Burning quality was not affected with my 708.


Hey, i se that this is an old thread now. I have the plextor 708a in my htpc and i would like to get the rpc1 region free fw. Any1 still holding on to it since the page is down. Please mail it to me at warez.central at