New firmware 1.09 for PX-716A

Firmware 1.09 rereased

:flower: Can wait to go home and try it!

It`s oficial released? Great!!


Well, can`t find it on Plextor site… :rolleyes:


It’s official. I have download it with Plextools.

Thanks for reporting!

I think its bogus!!!

Well it flashed.:flower:

Yes, it works.
Dated 5th October.
I will do some tests and scans later.

No change log yet wonder what they added or corrected, mine is in external case and it flashed fine on USB2 but I only get 4x with USB2 so I run it in firewire to get 8x, this enclosure has an oxford chipset and max speed is 8x on firewire, 4x on USB2.

No difference afa speed (Verbatim MCC 03RG20) is concerned, but I seem to get slightly better scans.

Flashed also, appears to be legit. At least someone from Plextor is reading here, now please updated the PX-130A firmware!

Only see 1.08 at

Plextools XL will download and install fw 1.09. It’s legit. The links to the .exe flasher simply haven’t been put up yet on the various Plextor websites.

It’s a .bin file, Plextools Professional has firmware updates before they are released on the website. It should be up later today or tomorrow.

Download PXUpgrade32, download the .bin file…use both and flash. Don’t forget to restart your PC after the flash shows sucess.

Two Degrees and Richard Dower:


i had used 716a on external enclosure (dvd640e) & i have burnt dvd disks upto 12x on both usb2 & ieee1394a (prolific 3507); i could not test 16x as i did not have any disk that can be burnt @ 16x

ripping is different story & i got upto 15.4x using dvddecryptor on ieee1394a have not done anything on usb2;

my main problem is plextools pro does not see my drive even though every other software sees 716a on external enclosure (even firmware update utility)

another minor problem is 716a only take virgin +rw disk

ps thanks 2channeler for the link :wink:

plextor needs to work harder

Plextor 716A 1.09 PowerRec On
Ricoh 16x DVD+R (original Ricoh branded, bought at

I’m not impressed.
This is not the kind of quality you would expect from two respectable brands (Plextor and Ricoh).
My cheapest BenQ & LiteOn burn the same media with much better results.

Looks like right crappy media. What is the ADIP on the disc? Tried at a lower speed?

Plextor 716A 1.09 PowerRec On
Ricoh 16x DVD+R (original Ricoh branded, bought at
Burned at 8x (don’t mind the volume date- it’s a copy of an old disk)
Scan result is very good.

DVD+R 8x cmc mag E01 test at 8x time 7:13

backup data in UDF 1.5 format nero

716a 1.09 fw

My best Media around here, :stuck_out_tongue:

Ridisc -R 8X
Burned at 8X


I dont see many differences, for now, after all, its the first media to be burn…and i still hope to get better results… :wink:
I hope, with the time, put here, some more medias scans :flower:

Good burns everbody! :clap: