New firmware 1.07 for Plextor Premium released!



Date posted: April 28, 2006
Improved writing quality on TDK CD-R media


For Plexwriter 52X24X52

For PlexWriter 48X24X48

PlexWriter 40/12/40S Firmware Upgrade Version 1.06


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:



Wow! Another Firmware for 4824. I would never have believed that this would happen. 4 Years Firmware support! Excellent Plextor!

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Check your PM box please.


thanks for the heads up Poaalpina! :bow:


Thanks! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


5224 firmware results in a 404. :doh:


After Flashing drive does not work anymore!!!




I just did a quick read test and it played a MP3 file from a CD-RW flawlessly.



Something must be wrong at Plextor!!! I see a new firm for my 4824!!!


Weird… I don’t see version 1.06 for the 4824 on the “Previous Firmware Upgrades” page… Also the changelog for this new firmware is:

“Improved writing quality on TDK CD-R media”

Seems that’s just too litle… :frowning:


Why is there something wrong with Plextor? I consider this as an example of good service when they release updates for drives that are out of production for longtime. :iagree:


Yes!!! Exactly!!! I agree with you! It’s just I haven’t seen a move like this in quite some time… In plextor drives it’s the first time! I believe that my 4824 was last updates almost 2 years ago!!!

Hey, but I say: “Let the updates begin”


Verbatim Pastel Disc 52X
Burned at 32X
Avg / Sec 0.6
Max / Sec 11.0
Total 2392.0

One more thing. After updating firmware my Premium recall how to burn CD-RW! It “forgot” how to do it one year ago.

Great work Plextor! Really great! :clap:
And if you make Plextools XL freeware for all Plextor users I’ll send you a big barrel of sakhalin beer! :wink:


I checked at Plextor Europe and found NO v1.07, only the v1.06 :sad:


Seems strange. Since when do they release new things on US site first? Since these days it was always: Japan -> Europe -> US


Has anyone tried to do SecuROM backups with BlindWrite 5? I don’t want to chance breaking anything…but I do want to use this firmware since I’ve got two 100-disc spindles of TDK CD-R media.


What the hell…I’m just going to flash it to v1.07 since I have a 2nd Premium still in a box. BTW, any word on the Premium 2???