New Firmware (1.06)for PX-W5232TA (Premium)


:slight_smile: New Firmware (1.06) for PX-W5232TA (Premium) at Plextor Japan Site :slight_smile:

Thanks, interesting news.
I guess that this is a (good) side-effect of the new PX-230A… :wink:



well my japanese isn’t that good so i cannot read it :slight_smile: but it says new :stuck_out_tongue:

  • New media correspondence
  • The lighting software of specification (the Zulu2) with it corrects the trouble which cannot copy the CD-EXTRA.
  • WincXp the PlexTools Professional corrects the trouble which has the case where hang up it does with environment.
    Thanks for reporting 2Off3 :slight_smile:

Direct Download Link

Well, I know I had posted many times that I didn’t believe they would update the firmware anymore, especially after the PX-230A came out. This is great news. Hopefully, we’ll get some information on what the actual changes were…

/me loves firmware updates … :bow:

thx for the heads up :bigsmile:

changelog as translated by Babelfish (Japanese->English)

Ver. 1.06
New media correspondence
The lighting software of specification (Zulu2) with correcting the trouble which cannot copy CD-EXTRA.
WinXP PlexTools Professional correcting the trouble which has the case where hang up it does with environment.

It’s time to check on Europian site.

Why is the US site always last?

I believe the US site has it now too.

I tried it and upgraded. Plextools 2.20 say that the firmware is dated 11/04/04. Will now burn audio CD.
Edit: Gigarec setting 0.9x is still NOT available :sad:

Well, ATM neither the EU or the US site have the .EXE installer or the .BIN file linked to their web pages, I tried to ‘guess’ some direct links but with no success (anyone? :wink: ).
But you can grab the .BIN file downloaded by Plextools Pro XL if you need an offline upgrade… :cool:



ET, what about the direct link G@me posted? Or the japanese site? I got it from there.

Oh, sure. The japanese stuff scares me a bit, so I generally prefer to wait for the firmware to appear on EU or US websites (some time ago, Plextor Japan released a firmware version 1.05 for the 708A which was really buggy, and then it was removed). But I guess that the firmware pointed by 2Off3 and GF is the same (expecially now that PTP XL gives the needed ‘officiality’ :stuck_out_tongue: ), so you are right. :wink:


I hesitated, too. But I couldn’t wait :-). Burning went well. C1/C2 scan is in progress. Will post it in a moment.

I gave the japanese “edition” a try as well and haven’t found any problems so far.

Recommended! :bigsmile:

So here it is:

The disc is a TDK branded Mitsui Chemicals (type 8). I used gigarec 1.2 and overburned about 50 sec. Burning speed was 4x (I know that 8x would have been possible but I feared a coaster.)

Drive Info       ID:1 PLEXTOR CD-R PREMIUM V1.06
Test Settings       Read Speed:   [B]10-24X CAV[/B]  
Test Result       Disc Info:   AudioCD , 97:28.52 MSF  
    Avg/Sec   Max/Sec   Total      
C1   4.6   43.0   26818.0      
C2   0.0   0.0   0.0      
CU   0.0   0.0   0.0      
Test Duration       0:05:47     

Looks like a nice burn. Do you have a similar burn made with 1.05?


As I use gigarec not that often I don’t have this information. Without gigarec I get burns that are perhaps a bit better within the first 10min, but that may as well be media variation. So I wouldn’t draw any conclusions other than: Everything seems to be fine and not worse.


Drive Information


CD Information

Type : Blank disc, Ritek (type 7), 79:59:70
Label :
Tracks : 1
Sessions : 1
Capacity : 79:00.00 (355500 sectors)
UPC/EAN Code : N/A
CD-R(W) Manufacturer : Ritek (type 7), 79:59:70

Labeled as maxell CD-R 80XL (rated @ 48x) - 50pcs cakebox

Scanned @ 10-24x CAV