New FireBurner release coming soon



I just posted the article New FireBurner release coming soon….

A new FireBurner release will be released very soon:

The next FB release is completely finished! I will post it as soon as I work out some web server issues. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll post…

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Does this prog overburn? I am having one heck of a bad time trying to use Nero for overburning with Ezcd loaded. Anyone else have conflicts between to burner progs? Maybe Fireburner won’t conflict with Ez.


I know for sure that EZ won’t work together with Nero, but hey, who uses EZ :wink: Nero and CDRWin, best apps ever :smiley:


Yea, dump EZCD and your problems are over.


EZCD and NERO can work together, it´s DirectCD that conflict with NERO. When you install EZ, skip DirectCD and ya probs is over :slight_smile: But you should choose WinOnCD, DiscJuggler or other proggiez and loose EZCD.


On the Ahead homepage you can fnd a proggie wich allowes you to use both Nero and the “other one” Bootmenu for parallel usage of several burnprograms: [URL=] download it here[/URL}