New Fireburner! 1x/max problem fixed!

According to the release post in their forum, the 1x/MAX problem with modern recorders has been fixed. Haven’t tested it yet, but thank goodness.

Fireburner 2.2.1

Conflicting reports so far at fireburner’s forum as to whether the 1x/max only problem has been fixed. Seems to have worked for some but not others. Will try it myself tonight.

Seems to work for me.

Offers 1x, 2x, then every speed by 2’s all the way to 52x.

all speeds seem to be “available” for me, but i’m not sure if these speeds are actually usable. compare BadReligionPR’s speeds to these.

I know that many of these are not supported speeds of 52246S. I assume it will use the closest supported speed to what you choose. But at least there are choices now!

Yup, tested it last night and could burn at 8x, 16x or whatever with my 52x Asus for the first time. :slight_smile: