New file sharing network to take advantage of Dutch laws

I just posted the article New file sharing network to take advantage of Dutch laws.

savannah used our newssubmit to tell us that Dutch internet services company, announced the launch of The Honest Thief, a new file sharing service based in the Netherlands.
Additionally, in a…

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FICTION: President Bush ordered immediate land sea and air assault today on the Dutch nation. What is believed the fist military action against a sovereign nation over intellectual property began today. Bush was quoted “We have the bomb and we will use it”, many in congress were surprised to find another use for DMCA. Bipartition leadership supported the President’s actions, and planning for the post war provisional government appointed entertainment lobbyist Jack Valent to run the provisional government in the rogue nation, until a long term corporate sponsor can be found. Jack Valent was quoted “Finally my dream of building a nation around the simple idea of protecting intellectual property, will become a reality and a shining example for the region” Don’t Copy that Floppy! :wink:

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Stop it! Stop it! Sure, it’s a joke now, but what if they hadn’t thought of it yet? Don’t give them any ideas!

bring back napster

Roxio IS bringing back Napster, but you might not recognise it when it shows up. Screw that. Bring back AudioGalaxy! Thanks for the giggle, Chitc. :d