New Feurio! 1.66.0 on 021|120!

What a special day - 021120 !

Feurio! v.1.66 is finally here !

hrmm it’s a minor bug fix from vers 1.65…

No need to get excited yet :open_mouth:

v1.66 supports new burners that previously were supported only by a registered copy of the Feurio beta update.

This new v1.66 does not require registration, which will benefit users with new burners and unregistered copies of Feurio. :wink:

A question:
I’ve just seen the LG 40x support page and this is what it says:

“We have a sample of this writer available. We have tested the writer in detail and have optimized the Feurio! driver. Nevertheless we can not absolutely recommend this writer - see remarks.”

I don’t find the remarks. Are they in German?

The LG 32x is recommended. I have one of those, and althought it’s a good reader, I’m not very sure about writing quality… I have burned 2 MetalAzo 16x (deep blue) at 16x speed and there are “zones”, even worse there is like a “grid” with little zones darker and other lighter…

The 16x speed is CLV, of course…

I’ll have to check the burns of a 8MB buffer model. This is a Reatail 2MB buffer made in China.