New Features: Preview & Analyze Title



Hi DVDFab users, here’s my comments and questions about some of the recently updated features.

DVDFab - Direct Show Preview
The small preview window within the main interface works great, I get nice looking smooth playback (previously kind of jerky) and now audio, however the right-click for “full screen mode” does not work. Are special settings needed? (I can see a new DVDFab window being launched on the taskbar but that’s it, a full screen preview never happens, current setting: DirectShow > DVDFab Video Decoder > DVDFab Audio Decoder.)

[I]Fengtao: Are you maybe working on a full-screen preview mode (i.e. a DVD player) that will be able to offer DVDFab’s awesome removal of region codes for some “on-the-fly” decoding? Will it be compatible with my notebook’s crappy MatSHITa drive? (Currently, DVDFab will not copy my region-2 disks in my region-1 MatSHITa drive. Other on-the-fly software I’ve tried up until now is not compatibe.:()

If yes - HOTDOG!! Let me pre-order, I’ll send you the check right now!!! :)[/I]DVDFab Analyze Title improvement
Is definitely improved. DVDFab now practically grabs the source disk, and afterwards the blank target disk when inserted, and says “let’s get it on NOW”!

One thing, has this improvement also been implemented on the final “disk verification/finalization” process? I still need to click 5-6 times on the pop-up (Please close DVD drive) before the disk starts to spool and the final process gets underway.

Thanks for any resopsonses and kudos to Fengtao for their efforts in making this already great program even better. :clap:



The full screen has worked perfectly for me since the DVDFab decoders were added. Not sure what you are seeing, perhaps a video driver/ screen settings issue?


Same here Paul