New feature in new Lite-On's?

Is Lite-On waiting with their release of their new writers because they are also implementing this new feature: 1.4 Gb on a normal 700Mb disc or are they just late?

Wanna know what I’m talking about, look at the link about SANOY’s new feature in their new-coming drive!

Didn’t SONY also release a drive that could write 1.4 on a normal CD last year (I remember something but can’t find it).?


Sony introduced DDCD. But who wants that with dvd writers being affordable.

yeah good point, plus will the current cd-roms and dvd-roms be able to read these cd’s with 1.4GB?

For DDCD: No.

I do not think current dvd and cdrom will read the new burned double density disc from Sanyo either …it was mentioned with a fw change new DVD players can…but I would guess at a mininum a new fw would be needed for DVD/CDrom drives and for the avg consumers who has no idea on how to flash a drive this means it will be a problem