New Facebook security check requires users to upload photo of their face

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A new security check from Facebook requires users to send a picture of their face. This way Facebook hopes to prevent automated accounts from joining the social network, according to spokesman of the company.

Huh, hope it will fail.

But no matter, I´m not registered there

Classic FB bull crap, i am sure that many male people would be very happy to send a picture of their face :wink:
I might be wrong but I think that few years back there was also rumor that FB was asking for driving licence or an ID?
The fun never stop when it comes to FB.

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Yet another reason not to join.

Can’t see it being particularly effective. Should be simple enough to write a script to harvest other peoples photos from other sites, or Facebook itself if they can’t be bothered to run any checks.

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Youn mean because men are not familar with Photoshop :wink: ?

Maybe, or they might have different reasons :tongueout:

Maybe FB plan to sell cosmetics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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