New F/W for DRW1108IM

BTC had release new firmware for DRW1108IM


Anybody had test it ?

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I tested DRW1108IM
Now burner burns DVDs correctly but will only playback in DVD burner where I burnt it. It is actually a Shark Chinese brand name using same mech.

Hi marcom

Could you post the PI/PO testing result of the disc that you burn by using DRW1108IM B430 ? And you mean the disc will only playback in DVD burner … that mean you can’t playback on DVD player ?

does anybody have more experiences with this firmware?

This has been working great for me :clap: I havent had any issues yet on it and flashed my drive as soon as it was out. Does anyone use the automatic live update program that came with their drives? ? I thought I was the only one that used one of these drive until I found this forum.

I’ve tested it and so have others on this forum. This release can cause many previously working (sometimes barely -8x media burning at 4x etc) to be read as CDs or causing the drive power to fluctuate too much for 2
4/6 burning applications to use the drive at all. (Found this out the hard way) :sad: