New External DVD Burner

I need an external DVD Burner.
My PC is very very old (Pentium III Coppermine) but nevertheless in a near future I’ll buy a new PC so I’d like to buy an external DVD burner in any case.
I had bad experiences with Samsung ( I have a Combo namely TSST MH-522 and the opening tray doesn’t remain open and I have to to stop manually the tray to insert a disk) and with Lite-On ( I even didn’t recall the name!). I’d like to buy a Plextor but it is out of my budget so what’s next?
I read good reviews about LG GSA E40/E60. A friend of mine is trying to convince me to review my position about Samsung and he told me Samsung Write masters models are the best in the external DVD burners market. Is he right?
Please give me advice because I need to buy this device within a week.

Andrea Piripallo

Welcome to the forum, I would recommend Sony or LG for external burners. I have had mine for sometime now with no problems! There are alot of good choices, but always look for that sale!

Samsung have churned out some excellent drives recently, both internal and external. Your friend may have a point - you can always return it, right?

I like LG also, I have a slightly older external LG (E10N) which has done me proud since I’ve had it. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

One thing to note: if your PC is that old, it may not support USB2.0, in which case you’ll need to buy an add-on USB2 card. :wink: