New experience with cds

I’ve made DAE from a cds audio cd (Horace Andy - Mek it Burn ; BMG) : no problem wiht my Px 40-ts fw 1.03 and EAC (detect TOC).

I also tried Easy cdda Extractor 1.15, which was supposed to bypass audio protections. It worked just for 3 first tracks. Maybe it works with other drives. On the other hand, it can detect audio tracks without specific instructions (like detect toc), which Plextools and EAC can’t do. They are more confused in the beginning with my drive. So some work has still to be done for Easy cdda extractor.

Finally, i tried to know what version of cds 200 it was. I looked for a text file, didn’t find it. I saw there was a cds player. In the end i couldn’t eject the cd ! After reboot, it was ok.