New epson cd printer

is anyone else excited about this printer? The EPSON Stylus Photo 900 prints on printable cds and cost 200 bucks are less. I can’t wait till it comes out in may. Labels suck and my car cd player don’t work with them. They don’t work that well anyway and they cost to much. 200 bucks is a fair price. Where is a good place to buy printable cdr’s?:bow:

I had one here in the uk and it is crap it cant print on the disk in the same place twice you have to keep calibrateing it and its poor print quality on the disks which where printable ones and you have to feed the disks in throw the back of the printer so it means you have to leave about 2 feet gap at the back of the printer.


Me. :wink:

You have an epson 900? Or do you have a different one. There are some built by others that us epson as a base but are not actually an Epson. I was under the impression that these had not been released anywhere yet.

I had the epson PHoto 900 take a look on
its £199


Price inc VAT

Thanks for the input. I will hold off and see how this thing rates after it has beeen released for a longer while