New entertainment system, HD

OK, I’m making the jump into HD, have had my eye on the new JVC line of monitors with the new digital projection system, picture is impressive. Any other models I should be looking at? Like this.

Also, I’l need a new DirecTV HD receiver and a DVD player to complement it. I guess I want a player that can upconvert to the HD standard. Although my current JVC player is progressive scan and component output, so it will do for now maybe. Any input on these 2 items is also appreciated.

Panasonic do a very impressive Plasma 50" HD TV. But at £4200 it’s a bit expensive

I went for the JVC projection system. It has a better picture than anything else I’ve seen. Also, I find that the TV will upconvert all inputs to 720, so no need to replace my DVD player just yet.

Hi Grimes! I’ll have to check this picture out as I was sold on the Samsung DLP 50". But reading the blurb at Best Buy, it seems this is maybe even better.

Thanks for the info


Deffinitely check it out, it’s way better than any DLP I’ve looked at. They’re hard to find too, people are buying them like crazy. The 52" seems to be a tad brighter and sharper than the 60". Only weighs 85# too, very small footprint. I’m hard pressed to see much different between this and the plasma sets, at least in the stores. Except of course for the price.

I will for sure, they use the same bulb for almost every screen size I thinK so the bigger, the dimmer, plus the resolution gets worse. The 50+ inch size is the sweetspot as far as I am concerned too. I looked at the Samsung DLP 50 and also the 62 in the same store playing Finding Nemo on each. The 62" sucked IMHO when compared to the “smaller” screen.

I got the JVC 52", and all I can say is: WOW. Also got the Samsung HDTV DirecTV receiver, which also works great.

if u want a great tv/monitor u will no doubt want a sony dont even think of anything else. and the best line of tvs that sony makes r their XBR models they r amazing. i have 2 XBRs and u will drop ur jar when u hear about the one the first i have is a flat screen 36 inch not plasma just a regular glass tv XBR and it has a amazing picture it was $2500 the other is a plasma a 61 inch sony XBR the thing is so powerfull it comes with a sepreat processer box and the whole picture is surround by glass it makes it look like its floting this is the most amazing tv i have ever seen and also the most expensive. it was $19,995 price of a cheap car so i guess that one is out of most peoples range. but check out their other XBRs u will be very happy with them.