New encryption?

DVD to Mobile:
trying to rip Paul Blart main movie only and 1st audio track then converting to generic avi/xvid/mp3 format is way out of sync. checked the second english audio track and its a commentary track. sent the ifo files to fengtao already but was just wondering if anybody else could comfirm this problem.

p.s. backed up full disc (DVD to DVD and everything seems ok)

ok this seems to be a pathplayer bug. can’t seem to get the right audio track in main movie or the customize tab.
guess no one else purchased this movie and can’t really say i blame them lol

must have been some sort of glitch on my end, did a clean uninstall and reinstall. ripped main movie again the converted to avi/xvid/mp3 profile and all seems ok and in sync. only thing i changed before the problem was purchased lifetime key. weird!

ok this thread was a waste LOL

Not a waste at all, someone else may have the same symptoms and be able to fix it the same way you did! I can’t imagine why it did this though. Did not do it when I registered.
Must be gremlins.

one other thing i forgot to mention that i DID do differently on the re-install but thinking it shouldn’t have anything to do with the conversion process is i didn’t install the vso burn engine since i burn exclusively with IMGBurn now and not sure why but i still had a vso burn log.