New Encryption Techniques or Bad Copies?

So, in the last month I have run across an interesting phenomena. The problem arises with two titles 1.) Twilight Samurai, distributed last year and 2.) Cronicas, distributed earlier this month. Both titles copy fine, but when I go to play either of them, they keep looping back to the title menu. This happens when I play them on my PC and when I play them on my stand alone (Jaton PSD-7611K). Any thoughts? Any ways around it?

Used AnyDVD? Disable the “remove adverts & trailers” option.

I used AnyDvd. I burned each DVD with CloneDVD and another program (ULEAD DiscDuplicate), to see if the problem was with CloneDVD. But it wasn’t. If I play the burned DVD on Windows Media player, or any DVD player for that matter, all the Chapters show up, but it will not let me jump ahead or forward to different chapters. It is stuck in title menu oblivian.

Did you try to disable the “remove adverts & trailers” option? (Just click “default” in AnyDVD settings)

then set it to your region

Yet another common misunderstanding…
You have to set it to the region printed on the disc if, and only if, it is an RCE protected disc which appears region free.
As the only discs which do this come from Region 1 Land (US), you can leave the region setting to 1 all the time (unless you have something very special in mind…).
Click the right mouse button in AnyDVD settings for a brief explanation of the options.