New encryption-pc can't even play the dvd

i have a movie i’m trying to copy but none of my programs: 1click dvd, dvd cloner III, nero, or dvdx works.

the movie will not play on any computer. it plays fine on my dvd player. there appears to be an exe file in the disc. very strange. tried making an iso file to try to burn that. didn’t work. even though there is only one film on the disc…the iso file read two with a running time of just about 1/2 min less on one.

i know for sure there is only one film on the dvd (featured) and no extras of any kind.

has anyone found this…a movie that plays flawlessly on a dvd player but cannot be recognized to play on a pc. if i double click on the drive it sees the film and the title, but none of my play programs will automatically come up to play: i probably have 3 or 4 players on my pc. once i begin the record process in any of the burning programs i have, it either crashes (bringing up the infamous windows send a report box) or just freezes.

any idea?


Is is copy protected, it is very unusual to have an exe file on a dvd movie dvd???

yes. it’s copied protected. besides the video and audio files there were 3 files. a read only, an exe file and a file that the computer had no program to match

To copy, copy protected DVD’s (Movies) use DVD shink or DVD decrypter. If it can not be played on your pc DVD rom you should complain to the manufacture what is the DVD?

well i tried the others which have over-rides. with 1 click i use dvd43. my copy of dvdx and dvd clone both have built in decrypters. i’d try dvd decrypter but that apparently is no longer available. but all of those other burning softwares with decrypters would not work.


AnyDVD by Slysoft, it will work everytime, 21 day free trial, just delete DVD43free or it won’t work, they both compete for the same resources

your post doesnt help us understand what is going on here…you need to tell us the NAME of the movie before we can help!

i have another film and they are both from universal. brand new, not released yet. as soon as i put them into my computer, they should bring up one of my dvd players, but they don’t. if i start 1click dvd, the software sees the title and begins the process but it sees bad sectors immediately and stops. dvdx does the same thing. it starts and then stops/freezes immediately. by the way, none of the other dvd’s i’ve copied have had any problem. only these new universal discs. when i made an iso file and separately used dvd decrypter, i was able in both cases to copy all files except the very first. if i double click on nay file, the movie will play from that section, except the first which would not copy at all. since both these universal films, i have to assume that they are both using the same protection. also since they are not yet released and have only the movie on the disc-no extras what-so-ever, there must be something that allows the dvd to play on my home dvd player (a pioneer elite avi 59) but not on the pc. i have downloaded and tried several other burning softwares with and without decoders and nothing works. my primary decoder had beed dvd43 along with 1 click dvd copy. it’s been very frustrating. but something they added to that first vob file corrupts the computer copying process.


yeah!!! I’m curious to know which movie as well!!!

I am strangely suspicious that the copies he has are copies that are reviewers copies. They are not yet for general release and they do have some odd stuff on them that is to eliminate the ability to play on a PC. I have a cousin in the industry and that is about the only time I have “seen” a movie that was so weirdly setup my PC would not view it or see all the files. However since he has not said What the titles are named, there is no way to know for sure.

Universal doesnt really use any copy protection that hasnt been resolved by every program out there. I could understand if it were a Sony disc…

Not the first one here with a .exe file on the disc. This thread was a Chris Rock title. Surely the publishers haven’t been so daft as to include Sony style DRM on the disc?


you posted a similar thread with the same problem (disc won’t play on pc) here. double posting is not allowed. Not to mention that you were warned in that thread and the thread was closed.

you mention in your last post in this thread that the titles are “brand new, not released yet.” Have they been obtained legally? also, your hesitancy to give what movies you’re trying to deal with when asked directly in this thread leads me to believe that you’re again having issues with illegal titles. I’ll leave that assumption up to the mods though.

if you need help, you need to tell us what titles you’re having trouble with. It’s possible some of us have successfully backed them up. If you can’t give the titles then we can’t really provide accurate and specific information for you.

novfilms: I already warned you in the previous thread about this topic, as did others. If you do this one more time I’ll ban you.