New Emprex multiformat DVD-rewriter DVDRW 2016IM

Emprex has just announced/released a new Multiformat drive, the DVDRW 2016IM.

Here the specs:

[li]16x DVD+/-R Write, 5x DVD-RAM
[/li][li]8x DVD+R /4x DVD-R Double Layer Write
[/li][li]8x DVD+RW/6x DVD-RW Rewrite,
[/li][li]48x CD-R Write, 24x CD-RW Rewrite,
[/li][li]16x DVD-ROM Read, 48x CD-ROM Read
[/li][li]Supports Double Layer disc, the capacity up to 8.5GB
[/li][li]Software for audio/video authoring and editing included
[/li][*]Supports Buffer Underrun Prevention technology[/ul]

so who makes it, i thought btc was out of the dvd game

The production was taken over by Foxconn about one year ago, so I guess they are making the drives now. I just hope we see a real improvement :wink:

Maybe would be easier to take Plextor’s approach and sell OEM Benqs.

If this is anything like the other Emprex junk, then forget it. Even the merchants on pricegrabber know to stay away from it. (Try a search on Pricegrabber for EMPREX or BTC. I did it just a few minutes ago and NONE of the merchants are fooling with it. Too many defectives/returns/does not work right, etc.) I tried Emprex 3 times & all 3 times a BIG pain. For a very few dollars more you can go with a half-dozen known GOOD mfg’s. Don’t ‘Emprex’ your money/time away.

isepiq :cool:

dude, stop it with the emprex bashing, dang, just because u had problems and or dont know much to fix things or problems not saying u dont know how, but please keep bashing to not everypost u make in this btc forum

btc stuff has always worked good for me, i have the emprex 1016 with a089 and it burns like a champ, and i have the scans to prove it, so please just because u dont like it and havent had luck doesnt mean there bad. i bought it as a cheap burner knowing its not the best, and most people understand that when buying them, u get what u pay for, so grow up and move on

Previous models did seem to have a high failure rate.
I hope the QA has improved with the latest model of BTC/Foxconn manufactured drives.

I have to agree with koolaidwa. I’ve had my BTC external since July and have been very happy with it. Been using quality media and my burns are great.

I am on my 2nd 1016IM and it burns pretty damn good. I have posted some great scans with the AO89 firmware but I could not recommend buying this drive since there are so many other reliable burners out there. I would wait and see if the 206IM proves itself one
way or another. Maybe this will will be the one to buy,

yea, i wouldnt recomend this drive for newbs or anything, (the 1016) the verdict is out on the new one till i get my hands on one, but man, i hate to see any kind of bashing or any one or company,

I would like to straighten something out here. I got my first computer in 1979 and have been building, programming, & doing both hardware and software repair since. I am not bashing anything. I was just leaving feedback on my personal ‘first hand’ experience with THREE different Emprex products, NOT counting return/exchanges that were still bad.
Regarding BTC: I still have a BTC Dual DVD Writer in one of my computers and it still works, and it always did the firmware upgrades just fine. I thought for the time I had/used it that it was a pretty decent burner for the price. HOWEVER, when I added a BenQ DVD dual burner for the same price, Wow!!! Moving up from all of my CD burners, I just had not realized the difference. ‘Trying’ to help out here. I WISH that I had had this information BEFORE buying my first DVD Writer. I could have used Pricegrabber & started out with a ‘better’ burner for the same money.
I believe that THIS is what these forums are for. HELP people get the BEST deal from the start, & in this case it is not Emprex. Once you use a BenQ or other top burner you will kick yourself for not going that way at the first.
isepiq :cool:

You may have been lucky with your BTC drive but if you look through this forum you will find numerous problems and complaints, just look at the review of the BTC drive that cdfreaks did its not good. Also if BTC were doing so well with their DVD burners why did they quit the market im afraid the BTC drives seem to be in the same boat as Artec(Utima Electronics) burners - Low quality, poor support thats what you can tell by reading the BTC forums.

Anybody burn DVD-RAM media with this drive yet?
If so, please post some scans and info!

I purchased the Emprex DVDRW 2016IM today at Fry’s in PHX [39.99] and can’t get it to recognize DVDs. It keeps telling me to insert a disk. The drive has no problems with CDs. Going to take it back tomorrow and try another one.

You must use a proper burning app for DVD media!!

Chef, I may be new to the forum, but I know you need proper software for decoding… I just installed new drive and put in National Treasure… walla, now ripping.

I also installed firmware upgrade using the and it was simple and fast with no problems.

Is this drive a lg burner?as in the 4xxx line?