New Emerson HDD/DVR/DVD/VCR recorder at Walmart!

Yes, Hot off the presses, was just there this morning in Milford, Pa. I saw this new box by Emerson, couldn’t believe it??? HDD/DVR/DVD/VCR and the best part, only $329!, I know that’s not cheap, but a bargain for what it seems to have!, sharp looking Spartan dark grey unit to boot. Forget about ILO, I bet this unit makes decent, stable recordings, like the Sylvania DVD-90DF DVD/VCR I’m testing. Both made by (Funai).

By the way I’m new here at this forum, been enjoying reading about all DVD recorders, especially the Panny ES20K & the earleir model of the Sylvania unit I picked up to test, also my old Panny RV-26 DVD player is producing (mini square block pixilation) “macroblocks”??? when playing back a computer made copy of 'War of the Worlds" 20mins into the movie with all the action, & noise, and continuing to play unsteady all the way thru, BUT, the Sylvania has No problem with it! Thanks for lookin, Mike

Oops! Forgot to mention the Best part, the new emerson unit has an 80gig HD!

that sounds like a very good deal i will check wal-mart today. :bow: 80gb hard drive is a good touch too. :clap:

For anyone interested, The Emerson model number is: EWH-100F