New Egg is Selling 2500 Refurbs!

New Egg is Selling 2500 Refurbs ? !!:confused:

…for US$48? while you can get less for 3520 (US$38) or 3540 (US$40).

Noticed this with a Benq 1620 as well. I always buy my computer stuff new, or any electronics for that matter, weird though.

“…for US$48? while you can get less for 3520 (US$38) or 3540 (US$40).”

What does that say about 3520/40 quality? Look, i’m not bashing NEC. I <i>like</i> NEC & own many of their products. Including 2 2510’s, a 3520 (which I quickly donated) & a 3540. But my experience with the 3520/40s has been that unpredictable burn-errors are the norm for these devices accross a wide variety of media.

Sure I could search out premium media that are “sweet” on these drives, but why shoud I have to? Why would I want to? The 25x0 series are TANKS. They chew through all but the most inferior media while <b>consistently</b> delivering excellent-to-outstanding burns. Is it any wonder, therefore, that as refurbs they command a higher price point than their successors?

I have a 2500, 3520 and 3540. The 3520 and 2500 are about equal for burning quality (both very good) but the 3540 is even better. I wouldn’t pay more for a 2500/2510 than I would for a 3520/3540, and that’s a fact.

I don’t have a 2500 so I can’t compare the quality. I was referring/comparing to 3520/3540 price because they both can read and write faster, plus they can do quality scanning, which all of those(read/write/QS) are important features for me.

The 3520/40s are superior readers, fast burners, and offer QS. Unfortunately, media stability at 16x isn’t stellar, & i’ve already voiced my opinion regarding their reliability at speeds down to 8x.

For my money, I use a dedicated DVD-ROM reader (Aopen) for all my reading & QS chores. I did try QS on the 3540, but it kept returning very different scans of the same disc - unlike the Aopen. Perhaps this will improve with future firmware revisions.

My biggest problem with these drives is that at present I just can’t count on them. Sure, <b>most</b> of the burns (i’d guess 80%) come off o.k., but the remaining 20% result in poor burns to coasters. The only coaster my 2510s ever gave me resulted from junk media of such inferior quality that their physical defects were visible to the naked eye.