"new" dw1670s [edit: sold]



[mod note: the drives have now been sold. just any f.y.i. -Albert]

We have just moved, which has confronted me with a lot of items i have not made use of recently, if ever. Since these are really unused and new I thought someone might be interested. If this is in the wrong forum please go ahead and move it Mods.

So, Ive got 2 IOmagic dw1670s that I have at most burned 1 disc on before putting them away for the past 6 years.

if you are interested PM me and let me know what you are thinking. I will ship whatever method you wish and will charge no more than the cost of the postage in addition to whatever you wish to pay.


Just an FYI, but the DW1670 is a rebadged Teac or Panasonic drive, if I remember correctly. You can’t use these for scanning like you can Nexperia BenQ drives.


thanks for the reply, they’ve sold already so i guess it no longer matters :slight_smile:


It uses a Panasonic chipset, here is a link to the original Cd Freaks review.


[QUOTE=cnlson;2693213]thanks for the reply, they’ve sold already so i guess it no longer matters :)[/QUOTE]
Brings back old memories of the BenQ era. I like it.:bigsmile::wink: