New DW1655 just ejects my DVD+RW

Bought this puppy 4 days ago, just installed it and upgraded it to FW BCDB.
Installed QSuite 2.1 and the only thing that I have done is test some of my Qpro 16X +R disks with QScan, they didn’t show any problems.

I was going to test my DVD+RW 4X disks (sold as BenQ by They are Daxon I guess, ID: Philips 041). All these are recorded previously without any problem by my BenQ DW1620 (that I don’t own anymore). I was very surprised when I inserted the first +RW, the drive did not even try to read it but spit it out immediately. This was repeated with the next 3 +RW that I tried, all were ejected immediately after insertion.

I have already quick erased one with the Toshiba burner in my laptop and the drive still refuses to accept them.

The 1655 is reading OK my Rocoh 4X DVD+RWs.

What is happening here? How can I make it work with my BenQ +RW disks? It is ironic, being the drive BenQ you expect it to work ok with BenQ disk no?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Full erasing the disks in the laptop (Toshiba drive) makes them usable on the DW-1655, but each disk takes 30 MINS to erase in the laptop’s drive! Is there not another solution? Thanks.

I’m gessing that full erasing is the only option. An no i wouldnt expect BenQ media to work with BenQ drives as BenQ is just Brand that Daxon sell their media under. Its just the same as buying any media.

This one is weird, now the drive is reading all my disks, even if they are not full erased in the laptop drive.
What is this? Automatic read strategy firmware learning on the go?

Some drives just need to be smacked around a bit.


DVD RWs are pre-formatted and when a drive just spits them out then it’s probably because of the firmware used (to prevent the drive from damage).