New DW1650, something wrong with it?!

Hello all, just got a new drive (my first benQ) to replace my liteon811 (401@811).
After the firsts burns i am very (Very) confused about the scans.
Verbatin recorded using dvddecrypt, solidburn Off. Scanned it using nero + benq drive, then i did the scan on kprobe and nero (same result) using my old liteon, the results are shocking to me.

For the tests i am using both drives on secondary master ide, one at a time. The liteon is scanning my old dvds very well

kprobe scan at 8x

Does this make any sence? :frowning:

Big Thanks

Sort of… I would trust the DW1650 over the early LiteOn model from 2003, and that DW1650 quality scan looks very good.

If you are not quite comfortable with the new drive, try more MCC 004 burns, and other brands of media.


yes, ill try more scans, actualy this scanned dvd played fine on the dvd player. What makes me doubt my 1550 is that the liteon is scanning pressed dvds and my friends dvds fine, oh well… time will tell i guess :\

As far as I remember, the LiteOn 811S was / is not known for being a reliable scanner. Especially the very high PI errors are typical for this drive.

There are reported lots of incompatibilities between Liteon and Benq scans. It seems that Benq does not like the Liteon burns, thus giving high PIE levels at scanning but only on some media; it may be due to higher jitter but this is not very well documented. So my advice is to scan with Benq its own burns and with Liteon its owns.

Coss, what’s wrong with that burn? QS=97. That PIE spike at 3.5mb looks like a whammy in the media or a fingerprint smudge. I don’t think you’ll have any problem with reading that disc in any player.

I agree. While the PIE spike is ugly, it does not
put the scan out of specs. I wouldn’t throw it away. :iagree: