New DW1620 firmware is here - B7M9

It’s not showing up on the html page of firmware for the DW1620, but it’s there!

CD-DVD Speed that should work with this firmware.

Nic’s DVDInfopro version isn’t out yet.

Very Kool! Thanks-

Thanks for the post Hef.

CD Speed Disc Quality Scan with B7M9
PRODISC R03 @ 12x

You guys are welcome. Here’s a scan of TY02 (Fuji @ BB) at 8x.

Here’s a scan of TY02’s from Rima @ 12X

You know the firmware also said if you flash this in an external enclosure make sure to power that down too after the flash, so that may be a sign it’s compatible with ext enclosures.

Also the DW1610 version is out too.

Doubt it! Flashing an external and not powering it down afterward is no different than flashing your internal and not doing a reset/restart. Most people with externals never think 'bout the fact that when they get prompted by the flash program to restart their computer it has no affect on an external drive…

Don’t forget 1610 is also a member of 16xx series. B8M9 is the beta firmware for 1610.

If it’s on the site I think it’s official. We might actual see updated web page notes in a few hours (my quess).

Scan of Player 8x @ 8X

Yanxi: I got a scan similar to yours using the same media. Although I had to set it to 4x because I’m unable to finish at higher speeds.

yap… when burn this media … speed drop at 4x. >_<

The firmware is officially on the website.

Release Reasons:

  1. Support higher PI/PO/Jitter reading speed with certain software. (DVDInfo Pro v3.32 & CD-DVD Speed v3.42)
  2. Support media TE/FE signal detection with BenQ special tool.
  3. Modified the writing strategy for TY [TAIYO YUDEN] CD-R media.
  4. Fixed the compatibility issue with n-Force IDE driver.

It showed up when i checked the global page now. (Hehh, guess i was too late) :slight_smile:

By the way, i was told BenQ’s Disc Doctor was supposed to be released at the same time as this new firmware. Will it be a separate program found under utilities, or is it built into the firmware?

  1. Fixed the compatibility issue with n-Force IDE driver.

That is a nice thing, have to test is tonight :slight_smile:

New DVDInfoPro is up!


I have my 1620 in external USB and after flash I do a safe remove, then power off USB. When I power USB back on it says to reboot computer. After reboot everything is ok. Never had problems updating firmware in USB external device using this method.


Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R @8x

“Pink strip”

Still waiting for BenQ special tool…