New Dvr-109/A09 firmware released V1.50B~!

No change log yet but saw this on the taiwan site…

Here are the links…
Dvr-109 Firmware

Dvr-A09 Firmware

I haven’t tried them yet so I don’t know whats improved… Ill try them when I get home…

Hmmm is the B for Beta? I know Asus released a 1.50 beta firmware a couple weeks ago but then took it back down. This is probably similar. Either way I will wait till the Buffalo version comes out as I can’t afford to lose bitsetting. Good find none the less. Thanks for the heads up.

BAA, total joke, still cant do cdr, sticks at 9% then works then fails at 57% and it even writes the lead in /out after it fails

What a POS the 109 is for cdr, 108 was perfect, just as well i have the opinion its PRIM a dvd writer and use my teac/dvd combo for cdr/rw.

108 was perfect? I don’t think so.
CD Writing quality on the 108 is inferior to many other DVD Writers on the market…
But yes, at least it produced readable discs.

Well I just don’t see any problem with CD-R on my 2 A09’s. Better than the 108 and as good as the Plex…

Same here, now at 20-25 burn and still no glitch at all, tested with a few media and a “fast” Athlon 2100 hehe

Amd rule’z :bow:

I think it might be your drive… There are only a select few that are having problems with cd-r…

Yes so i read, esp 1.17 FW out the box, i never tested it out box i flashed to 1.40 immed then 2 weeks alter 1.40 cross flash to A09 (mines is 109).

bummer is the place i get my parts is great for stock, great to get it to you next day, but total wankers to deal with if you have returns.

Even though i never use for cdr ( i was testing) i want what i paid for and i need pass on when i get newer drives, so it must work in every aspect.

Pioneer DVR-110 Beige - Due mid/layer this year
Pioneer DVR-110BK Black
Pioneer DVR-A10XLA Beige
Pioneer DVR-A10XLB Black

Hmm wonder if that OZ shops a con, although does state not in stock yet.

Mine is cross flashed too, but no prob.

This new firmware include another Kernel, so this sound like another Major rev, too bad there’s no change log, maybe but still a nice find!

I wonder about the B tho…

Do not tell me it’s ßeta because I feel like I have been ß’testing this 109 since day one…

Hey, you mean i should have used the tool to flash with both FW and Kernal, not just let it auto extract to C and run it ?

This firmware update says “target drive not found”. What other way can I update the drive.


Extract your FW and kernal and load in this tool, beware if you got a door on pc case, cause it ejects tray.

So does the B on the end mean beta? The reason I ask is because on the US pioneer site the A08/108 also has a firmware with a B on the end…

DVR108_FW120B.exe - Version 1.20-B adds 8X writing support for 8X media from TCL Corp. and New Star Digital Co. (Media IDs INFODISC R20 and IMC JPN R01) and includes all previous updates. (WIN)

Done… Thanks


$199.99 for a A09XL !!! I paid $90 shipped (after $30 rebate) here in the US.

sure its not CAD?

It was a retail box bought from a place in California.

LOL, thats is AUSTRALIAN dollars, im in UK i use £.

I could buy from OZ or USA dirt cheap as of the stength of my currency but cost to post is expensive from OZ not to bad from USA if i get a freind to post not a online store.

BTW link was to show you 110 / A10

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