New DVDStripper 0.1.0 tool

A new tool DVD Stripper 0.1.0 has been released, check out

From the homesite, it reads:


Some of the things you can do with this tool are:

Strip titlesets, titles, chapters, announcements, logo’s, trailers, extras etc

Menu’s with Movie Only or also keep a few selective extras too.

Split DVD keeping original quality but also deciding what you want on each DVD (e.g. Episodic DVD’s).

Remove one of the two movies on the DVD (e.g. Widescreen & Fullscreen DVD’s)[/b]

However, there is no Demo version of this tool available yet.

did you try it?

sounds good

Yes I have tried it on a few dvd’s, seams to work good and as quoted. Personally I have little use of the program, just comes in very handy for a few projects I have. Saves me trying to manually rip everything out with IFOedit which I’m sure is not written in English :bigsmile:

It does work very well indeed as CM said, I’m prolly in the same boat too as I usually do “movie only” or full disc on series DVD’s as a rule however…

Even on full disc stuff it’s surprising how much stuff you can still strip out like foreign menu’s, FBI warnings, etc, etc to give you even more room to improve the film quality. Was involved with the beta test and sure had my doubts at the start but every disc processed so far with it has worked for me. :wink:

DVD Stripper has now been updated to ver 0.1.1 It has a somewhat extensive list of additions and fixes, more info at

Much better now and easier to use for newbies too as DVDStripper now lets you select default DVD player from within the Gui for cell playback with mininav.

For all of you who have been having DVDR playback problems with discs processed using Pinnacle IC7/8 after you have removed anything from within IC then try DVDStripper first and then simply use IC7/8 for the encoding and not any removing. Problemo sorted every single time! :cool:

Removing POUs is fraught with danger as LIGHTNING UK! has pointed out. I’ve had no problems with PUO removal but I’m not RPC1 nor do I have to deal with RCE removal. I’m wondering if it’s just a RPC1/RCE ‘thing’.

hmm…14 euro…that is not expensive…interesting

could you advise it Chickenman…i mean…there are some freeware tools that allow me to make my backups

what does this app add…

The tool basically uses DVD Decypter to rip the whole DVD to your HD, then it allows you to de-select any “event” in the dvd such as Chapters, extras, Menus, Intros, etc. The set of VOB files are still playable. You cant rip out Audio or Subs tracks however. If less than 4.3gb then you just burn it out, but if its over then you can use DVD2One, IC7, Shrink, etc, etc to compress it to fit and to remove any unwanted audio tracks as well. It can also be used to cut a dvd9 in half by simply removing 1/2 the movie on first pass and the other 1/2 the next pass.

While most of this can be done manually with IFoedit, for those that have run ifoedit soon realise its not the easiest program to understand nor navigate the movie. DVD Stripper just simplifies it all for ya. It does also use IFOEdit to fix the vob files.

I dont use DVD2One, Shrink, CloneDVD, etc so I personally have little use for this program.

thank you for explaining

i myself prefer tools like dvdcryptor with dvd2svcd or dvd2dvd-r
(with cce)

but it is nice to know there wil be more competition