New DVDROM needed

Hi in my old pc I had (master) NEC DVR-RW 2540 and a PIONEER 8x DVDROM. I bought a new pc and the master is a HP DVD Writer 640b and I am currently using the NEC RW in the new pc, as the slave.

I want to set up the old pc to burn again so think the best idea would be to put the NEC back into the master and buy another DVDROM for the new pc,

My question is what (x) speed should I be looking out for as a bare minimum for a DVDROM reader to work best with the new pc

Thank you

Most DVD-ROM drives cost less than £20 now so if thats ok you can select what drive you want…
Try this store in Glasgow you wont have so far to go then…

Thanks max. Lol woc is right beside my work, I get all my blank media etc from there. I was intending going there tomorrow for a kvm switch to get this set up. It sure is a small world.

I done a google on their new product (with no description available)
Lite-On SOHD 167T - 16x DVD, 48x CD ROM
which I think (speed) is around the max available, right? @ £15 you can’t really go wrong I think. I had a good look at it’s Review also and it sounds just what Im looking for

I will pick one up tomorrow when Im in.

Thanks again for your help MadMax

I have the LiteON (rebagged as Sony) a few models down, and based on my experience, it should work very well for you.

Yup I would go for a Lite-on. My Combo drive is one of most usefull bits hardware I’v ever bort! Little nosy some might say but not to me.


Well thats a relief as I have just got back from buying it, Im pleased you recommend it

Thanks guys

Look for speedpatch firmware here:

Let us know if you like your new drive, hope you do!

Thanks for the firmware upgrade but I dont really know enough to alter things like that, but a very useful link if I ever feel brave one day! Think I do like the new drive Chriso so am pleased it was a good choice.

I had never tried the lightscribe drive before though but all this alterations made me look out the couple of compatable cds that was given with the computer and WOW, the detail is impressive from a photo I put on.

I’ve got that Liteon DVD-ROM which is a very good reader & I’ve applied the lowest speed increase in the file from codeguys. Makes all the difference when reading from a DVD+/-R DVD that I’ve previously burned and hasn’t reduced it’s read capability.

I second that. One thing the Liteons are very good at is flashing firmware. I must have flashed my 812S over a hundred times trying to get a decent burn. And I know I flashed the 167T every time I saw something different. If you make sure you link to the correct drive it is hard to do wrong.