New DVDR-W Drive. . . NOW CAN"T BURN

I just installed a new Aopen 18X DVDR-W drive and now I can’t burn my movies. I keep getting an encryption error. I updated both AnyDVD and Region+CSS Free but it hasn’t helped. Do they not support the newer burners? Is there a hardware updater?
I could use any help you can give with this. :sad:

Did you use 80 wire cable also does your computer see it as a drive?

Yes I used the 80 pin cable and both the system and software reconize the drive for what it is. It will read and write standard cds/dvds, just not my encryped dvds.

I didn’t think there are any new updates for Region+CSS Free. There is a new update for Fab’s DVD Decryprer which may help. It’s Free.

What region code are the discs and burner?

As I understand it all is well (EXCEPT) encryped dvd’s, Then the problem might be with your program AnyDvd, If nobody can help you in this forum there is a AnyDvd Forum . Like Tom mentioned about the region, did you setup the reigon on the burner?