New DVDFab5 do not work?

Hallo to All!

Please, can somebody help me!

I had downloaded the newest test-version from DVDFab5 with mobile option and I think I would like to use it because its very familary for me.

The problem is it was worked one time now if I put a DVD in the layer and I start DVDFab it writes “scan medium” and that it therafter I have to restart my system with switch off the power-button.

I had also uninstalled DVDFab how is here listed with reg-cleaning and so on for examble new downloaded new installed --but nothing it doesn´t work!
Please help me! I want do use this programm.

My System: AMT TL-60 Win XP+ SP3 Nero and Alcohol120% installed

Best regards and have a nice Sunday!

Try “Disable PathPlayer” in General Settings